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Telenor Quiz Answers Today 13 January 2023

Today Telenor answer On 13 January [2023], the Telenor Quiz will be answered. My Telenor app quiz answer consists of this post. Free Internet was a reward to me for my Telenor app. If you get all questions answered correctly, Telenor will reward you with Telenor Free Internet[MB].
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Telenor Quiz Answers Today
Telenor Quiz Answers Today
Telenor Quiz 13 January [2023]  Answers
Today Telenor Answer 13 January [2023] You Must have a 1 rupee balance in your app.
If you haven’t yet installed my Telenor app, you can now take advantage of the additional Mb provided by the Telenor app. If you already have the app, you can participate in the Telenor App Quiz answers section to receive daily information.

Telenor Quiz Answers Today

Question 1: The novel “The Blue Birds” in Urdu is Neelay _____?

  • Parinday
  • Chiriyan
  • Billi
  • Parinda

Answer: Parinday

Question 2: Ibne Safi’s characters are materialistic and _____?

  • On top
  • Joker
  • Real
  • Prominent

Answer: Real

Question 3: Imran’s father in the series is known as Abdul _____?

  • Hadi
  • Rahman
  • Usman
  • Haris

Answer: Rahman

Question 4: The Novel “The Nocturnal Prince” in Urdu is Raat ka _____?

  • Adhi
  • Duniya
  • Shehzadi
  • Shehzada

Answer: Shehzada

Question 5: Secret Services headquarters was shifted to _____ mansion?

  • Psycho
  • New
  • Clean
  • Old

Answer: Psycho

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