Notification Public and Optional Holidays 2023 Pakistan

The government of Pakistan, Cabinet Secretariat Cabinet Division issued a Notification on 23-12-2022 in connection with Public and Optional Holidays 2023 Pakistan. The Public Holidays 2022 in Pakistan are general holidays for all public. The Optional Holidays 2013 are not for the general public. These holidays are locally based and any event-specific or religious-specific holidays like Christmas, Diwali, etc.
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Public and Optional Holidays 2022 in Pakistan

There are five types of holidays, these are as under:
  • Educational Institutions Holidays / Vacation
  • Bank Holidays
  • Local Holidays
  • Optional Holidays
  • public holidays
You will read the details of public and optional holidays 2023 throughout the year 2023 in Pakistan. Some holidays are public holidays but only for the Christmas as Day after Christmas. There is also a third type of holiday which is a Bank Holiday. During bank holidays only banks remain closed for public dealing only. Otherwise, their staff remains present in banks to finalize the work. There is another type of holiday that is called winter/summer/spring vacations in Schools, Colleges, or Universities. These types of holidays are only for school/college students and teachers. The teachers get a Conveyance Allowance during Vacations while they enjoy holidays.

The Schedule of Public Holidays at a notional level in the year 2023 is as follows:-

The government of Pakistan issued a Notification of cancellation of the Iqbal Day Holiday in 2015 but in 2022 Government restored the Iqbal Day holiday. In this new schedule of holidays in 2023 this holiday is also included in the list.
Notification Public and Optional Holidays 2023 Pakistan
Notification Public and Optional Holidays 2023 Pakistan

List Bank Holidays in Pakistan in 2023

These Bank Holidays in Pakistan in 2023 are as under:

Notification Public and Optional Holidays 2023 Pakistan
Notification Public and Optional Holidays 2023 Pakistan

1. The Public and Optional Holidays regarding festivals of Muslims and Minorities in Pakistan for the Calendar Year 2023 would be as under:

2. ln the case of Muslim Festivals, the doles of Holidays are based on anticipated dotes and are subject to the appearance of the moon for which o separate notification will be issued by the Cabinet Division. 

3. Government servants desiring to avail themselves of Optional Holidays shall take prior permission of the Head of Office concerned and no Govern Servant shall be granted more than one colonel holiday ln the case of Muslims and three optional holidays for Non-Musllms in an o calendar year. 

4. The grant of 'this concession should not result in any dislocation of work. ln the case of Muslim optional holidays, the number of persons permitted to avail optional holidays should be regulated in o manner so that adequate staff is available for the proper continuance of the work. The optional holidays are denominational and may be allowed at the discretion of the Head of Office provided that work does not suffer. 

5. A Government Servant should not ordinarily be refused an Optional Holiday that is of religious significance and the refusal is likely to decrease the number of such holidays to which he/she is entitled.

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